[Blog Tour] Review: Rent a Boyfriend by Gloria Chao

“Making a decision for you isn’t something you ever have to apologize for.”

– Rent a Boyfriend by Gloria Chao

This ownvoices romcom was such a delightful and quick read! It was so reminiscent of a lot of the Taiwanese and Korean dramas that I’ve seen.

As Thanksgiving break draws near, Chloe Wang needs to get her traditional Taiwanese parents off her back with their attempts to set her up with the rich but superficial neighbor. Her solution: hire a fake boyfriend from Rent your ‘Rents to convince her parents otherwise.

However, things don’t go as planned as she begins to fall for the hired Drew Chan, a college dropout with an interest in art. As her curated life slowly begins to unravel, she works to find the courage to navigate her life before she loses everything.

At its core, this story was authentic and genuine. While most of the book is filled with lighthearted moments of Chloe keeping up her charade, there are also deep conversations surrounding the issue of tradition and identity. Chloe wants to hold true to who she is, but she also must balance her progressive lifestyle with the idealized daughter that her traditional parents had in mind.

My favorite part of this novel was definitely the incorporation of Taiwanese culture throughout the book. It was so incredible to see the representation of my culture in the food (the mooncakes!), the language, and the romance. Chloe and Drew were really adorable and sometimes awkward, making this was definitely a fun and cute read!
4 ⭐️s!

Thank you to @hearourvoicestours for hosting this fun tour and providing me this copy!

I’ve lettered my favorite quote, but here are a couple of my other favorites below:

“Whatever you wish.” His face lit up, and it briefly made me sad that it look to little.”

“Were we all pretending, putting on a better face to fool everyone around us, even our family?”

“She was gradually becoming more like the girl from the application, the one with oomph and humor and a sparkle hinting at the three suns’ worth of light beneath. I stared at her with a lopsided grin before catching myself and wiping it off, only to realize that, wait, I was supposed to be looking at her life that.”

I hope these quotes encourage you to go and check out this adorable read!

With love,


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